Frequently Asked Questions

What does AnyaUp do?

AnyaUp lets you request projects, or offer your services. As a Customer, you can let us know what you need and where you need it and we'll put you in touch with people nearby who can do it. You can also see what people need as a Creative, and offer your services for a price.

I want to create a project, what should I do?

Login or register and click the 'Create Project' button, then let us what you need and where. We'll notify you when you receive quotes from creatives.

I want to offer my services, what should I do?

Login or register then submit your portfolio and application to become a creative. After that, you'll be able to see projects both remote and near you that are applicable to your skills.

Can I message people?

Yes, you can chat in real time with anyone you're doing business with.

How do I get paid if I provide services?

You'll get paid in real life by the person you're providing your services to. Soon, we'll handle the payment flow to streamline it and ensure that the process is as convenient as possible for both parties.

More questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Please write to us at